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puppy training boston

My name is Julie White and I am the Founder and Creator of Boston, MA based Puppy Talk Consulting and the Head Human Trainer! I started my animal career in 1993 when I became a professional dog groomer and spent nearly 10 years in the pet industry as both a groomer and a manager of a very high-end, holistic pet supply store. Spending most of my waking hours with dogs and deeply ensconced in the industry, I began to really understand them, from not only an educational perspective, but from both an instinctive and intuitive one.  Whether it was a look on their face, a particular sound they would make or their unique and specific body language, I just knew what they needed, and conversely, what they didn't, and as a result of helping so many clients, was frequently referred to as "The Dog Whisperer™", and long before it was a brand. 


I left the industry in 2001 but continued to groom many of my regular clients by traveling to their homes with my table and tools in tow. Along the way I added new ones, and sadly, my longest fur client crossed the Rainbow Bridge just this year at age 17. I started a Facebook Page called "Puppy Talk Consulting" in 2012, which currently has almost 50,000 followers, and in the same year published "Puppy Talk, An Owner's Manual, Educating One Human At a Time", an easy to read, understandable and applicable book which you can purchase here on my website.

My greatest joy is educating HUMANS how to understand PUPPY TALK, the communication your FURBABY uses to show/tell you what they need, and I want to teach you how to interpret that special language. Nothing makes me happier than knowing that what I taught someone not only resonated, but more importantly, helped in some way. Now I am beginning the next embodied step in my journey because THIS IS TRULY WHAT LIGHTS ME UP! Fetch a Sesh with me now!

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