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"We first met Julie when she was a professional groomer. She introduced my Westies, Elle and Tyson, to grooming, and she did so with such love, care and endless kisses, that they actually loved getting groomed! As the years went by, we learned to trust her for all of our dog's needs, such as food selection and skin allergy remedies, and she even stayed at our home when we traveled. She is a blessing to anyone looking for animal advice and is a true Super Star!"

- Sammy | Elle & Tyson

"Julie's guidance has provided me with a whole new way to look at myself and what messages I was sending to my Terrier Mix, Gus Gus (GG to Julie), as well as properly reading his verbal and non-verbal cues so that I could appropriately, and positively, tend to his needs. She taught me the tools to communicate more effectively, and in the end, that made our relationship healthier.  I turned to Julie so many times throughout GG's life that I truly don't know what I would have done without her."

- Thom | Gus Gus

"Julie has been a wonderful source of information ever since we met her, back when Griffin, my Cairn Terrier, was just 12 weeks old. She was his groomer, she guided us toward a healthy, all natural dog food and she also showed me ways of handling and communicating with him as to establish myself as the "Alpha" in the relationship, which resulted in him understanding his place in our human pack. As he aged, he became less fond of grooming, but because he trusted her implicitly, she was the only person he would let groom him. She truly has a way with dogs, and that's why she is MY Cesar Milan, MY Dog Whisperer!"

- Lori | Griffin

"Julie has always been my go to professional for dog care!  When I first got my rescue dog Roxy, she was sweet for the first few months, but then started to show some signs of aggression, as well as some fear of other dogs. Julie calmly showed me how to handle a dog that has certain fears and she instilled the confidence in me to help Roxy through those challenging times. So whether it was training or understanding the benefits of healthier food choices, I am always  so grateful that Julie is just a phone call away when I need anything Roxy related.  We both love her and could not have gotten through the first few months without her."

- Ellen | Roxy

"I have known Julie for 5 years and it took very little time to see first-hand, her passion for animals – especially dogs.  Not only is she crazy for these 4-legged creatures, she has an impressive depth of knowledge regarding their care.  From what to feed them if their stomach is upset to what kind of brush works best for their coat; I always know where to go with questions if Griffin, my beloved terrier, is having any sort of issue.  Simply put, Julie is the best!"

- Stephen | Griffin

"Julie is one of those rare individuals that intuitively understands animals. When my daughter was a toddler, an abandoned black cat showed up in our backyard.  When I approached him he wanted to hug me, and having never owned a cat, I was understandably wary of interacting with him, so I immediately called Julie and asked her to come and assess him for us.  She knew in an instant that he was not only safe, but had been handled by humans vs being feral. After much consideration, we decided that if he was healthy we would adopt him, which fortunately he was.  Julie helped us acclimate with Felix the Cat  and he with us, advising us on food and litter recommendations, some training tips and what he needed from us on the whole.  She also took care of him when we traveled which gave us ultimate peace of mind.  Julie is not only a dog whisperer, she is an Animal Whisperer because she loves ALL creatures, and her knowledge, deep love and vast experience makes her a confident and reputable source for anyone needing guidance."

- Susan | Felix

"Julie possesses a natural affinity for helping people love and care for their pooches. Her dedication to her clients and their pups is based on a deep heartfelt passion for what she does and the uncanny rapport she has with ALL dogs. We found her level of knowledge and expertise invaluable in the continued health and well being of our beloved 17 year old Yorkie, Chloe. With Julie's guidance and care, we added richness, not only to our role as dog parents, but to the remaining years of our darling elderly pup. Additionally, we relied on her expertise during the successful adoption of our new love and family member, Rex, a 10 year - young male Yorkie rescue. Julie is keenly skilled and absolutely delightful to work with."

- Serena | Chloe & Rex

"Julie is simply a rockstar and my go-to guru for everything dog-related. I recently adopted/rescued Stella, and Julie has been such an amazing resource for me. No matter what the challenge, whether it's behavioral, health-related, training or just your everyday run-of-the-mill questions, she always has great advice for an often nervous first time pet mom. Julie is incredibly knowledgeable (I still haven't been able to come up with any questions that she hasn't been able to guide me on), and it's so obvious that Julie is devoted to, and truly loves, ALL animals. Stella Bells (Julie's nickname) is always so excited when we get to see Auntie Julie. I just can't say enough good things and I am so grateful that we have her helping us on this journey with her love, support and guidance."

- Amy | Stella

"Julie is truly a "Pupper Master" in my eyes! I have known her and her passion for animals from when she was a professional dog groomer, so when it came time for my family to welcome Becquia, our new Golden Retriever puppy into our family, I knew that I needed Julie, and specifically, her book Puppy Talk, An Owner's Manual. Although I have had dogs before, the book refreshed me on the Do's and Don'ts and updated me on new training techniques that I was unaware of. I am so pleased with what I have practiced from Julie's manual and I can honestly report that we have a very well behaved dog, all thanks to Julie White."


- Stacey | Becquia

"I love Julie, owner of Puppy Talk Consulting. She has helped me so much with understanding what my puppy needed, vs. what I needed and wanted my puppy to do. Simple, easy and applicable training methods that have yielded quick results. My pupster is now calmer and happier because his needs are being met and also because he knows he's making me happy. I am so happy that I found Julie because she really helped guide us along on our puppy-path."

- Patti | Magoo

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